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Talk For Writing

The table below highlights the text types and texts that we are learning in Year 5.


Parents and children can help at home by:

  • Practise these oral stories (found below) at home using actions and expression.
  • Practise skills required for their current writing target.


Date Text Type Text Title
Autumn 1a Portal Story Alien Landing
Autumn 1b Flashback Story My Memories (The Piano)
Autumn 2a Finding Story The Forever Boy
Autumn 2b Persuasive Writing Feed the Birds
Spring 1a Diary Entry Diary Example
Spring 1b Adventure Story Ring of Fire
Spring 2a Explanation Writing Why Were Clothes Rationed?
Spring 2b Story Based on a Play Macbeth
Summer 1a Non-Chronological Report The Sun
Summer 1b Discussion Text School Uniforms - Good or Bad?
Summer 2a Narrative Poem The Highwayman
Summer 2b Wishing Story The King of the Fishes
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