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This page will detail our ongoing home learning activities.


Topic Activity to Complete Due Date
Reading Children should be reading every day. They will have a reading book (they will have opportunities to choose one at school) and diary. Please listen to your child read and read to them. You could support them by asking questions about what they have read.
Rewards will be in place for those who complete their reading and get their diary signed. Very confident free readers can record their own reading reflections in their diary and still get you to sign it. We have an ongoing class reading challenge in place.
Spelling A spelling rule and words list (approximately ten words) will be sent home each Monday. Please discuss the rule and spellings with your child and help them to learn these throughout the week (ideally every day). Spellings learnt will be checked periodically and will aid pupils in improving their writing.
Spelling lists will be stuck in the back of the Literacy and Spelling Homework book.
Number Skills Your child is expected to know all of their times tables up to 12x12. Ongoing practice and games based around this should be used (ideally every day) to ensure these are learnt. These will also be practised and progress checked in school. Pupils should also practice number skills, particularly counting in larger (5- or 6-digit numbers). Ongoing practice on IXL is beneficial and will be rewarded in school. Ongoing
English 28.03.18: Holiday IXL Challenge! 16.04.18
Maths 28.03.18: Holiday IXL Challenge! 16.04.18