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As a school, we place emphasis on teaching Maths using a Maths Mastery approach. We place emphasis on children learning to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We use Maths No Problem Maths textbooks and workbooks in school. To find out more, visit to watch parent videos all about how we teach Maths at St Luke's.

The table below highlights the textbook and chapters that we are learning in Year 5. The table will be updated and added to throughout the year. If you wish to purchase a copy of the Maths No Problem books, these are available to order at


Parents and children can help at home by:

  • Continuing to practise the current (or previous) focus skills (see below table).
  • Practise using the IXL ( and My Maths ( online learning tools.
  • Ensuring all times tables up to 12 x 12 are learnt and can be used fluently.


Date Focus Textbook Chapter and Title
04/09/17 - 28/09/17

5A - Chapter 1: Numbers to 1 000 000 

01/10/18 - 11/10/18 5A - Chapter 2: Addition and Subtraction
12/10/18 - 16/11/18 5A - Chapter 3: Multiplication and Division
19/11/18 - 30/11/18 5A - Chapter 5: Graphs
03/12/18 -  5A - Chapter 6: Fractions

A2 Week 8

High resilience this week as we have continued looking at adding and subtracting fractions!

A2 Week 7

Continuing to explore fractions this week, including learning how to add them together, remembering our golden rule : make the denominators the same!


1/2 + 5/6 =

A2 Week 6

Exploring fractions this week, including understanding mixed numbers and improper fractions and starting to use this knowledge to compare fractions - for example, which is greater, 5/4 or 1 2/3?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

A2 Week 5

Furthered our understanding of line graphs this week, as well as revising some of our number skills!

Picture 1
Picture 2

A2 Week 4

Thinking about statistics and data sets this week as we look at how line graphs are useful, as well as planning journeys based around timetables!

A2 Week 3

Division week in Year 5 as we looked at how to use written strategies to solve questions like 5436 divided by 6. Lots of tricky walls to try and smash down!

A2 Week 2

Amazing resilience in our Maths learning this week as we have powered through some tricky learning in multiplication, solving sums like 469 x 48! sad

Picture 1
Picture 2

A2 Week 1

Becoming experts in multiplication this week, using written methods to solve questions like 3459 x 4 =

Week 7

Super learning this week as we have very quickly become masters of finding factors and identifying prime and composite numbers!

Week 6

This week we have excelled at a variety of methods for solving different addition and subtraction questions - continuing to tackle complex word problems though!

Week 5

This week we have been considering how we can solve addition and subtraction sums using a variety of methods, including all important mental methods, for sums like 45 000 + 32 000.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 4

This week we have stretched our brains in the tricky concept of rounding. Could you round 256 189 to the nearest 100 000, 10 000, 1 000, 100 and 10?! We can!

Week 3

This week we have been looking at numbers and stretching our brains by looking out for number patterns and how to continue them, such as this one:

317 580, 347 580, 377 580, _________

Week 2

This week we have been exploring how numbers behave and how we can solve problems such as '_________ is 10 000 more than 327 000'.

Week 1

We have begun our new year by beginning to tackle some big numbers for big children, looking at the place value of numbers up to 1 000 000. We've also been remembering some of the number skills we may have forgotten over the summer (oops!). frown

Picture 1