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As a school, we place emphasis on teaching Maths using a Maths Mastery approach. We place emphasis on children learning to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We use Maths No Problem Maths textbooks and workbooks in school. To find out more, visit to watch parent videos all about how we teach Maths at St Luke's.

The table below highlights the textbook and chapters that we are learning in Year 5. The table will be updated and added to throughout the year. If you wish to purchase a copy of the Maths No Problem books, these are available to order at


Parents and children can help at home by:

  • Continuing to practise the current (or previous) focus skills (see below table).
  • Practise using the IXL ( and My Maths ( online learning tools.
  • Ensuring all times tables up to 12 x 12 are learnt and can be used fluently.


Date Focus Textbook Chapter and Title
04/09/17 - 26/09/17

Year 5 Textbook TB5A - Chapter  No.1   Numbers to 1 000 000 

27/09/17 - 11/10/17 Year 5 Textbook TB5A - Chapter  No.2   Addition and Subtraction
12/10/17 - 22/11/17 Year 5 Textbook TB5A - Chapter  No.3   Multiplication and Division
23/11/17 - 29/11/17 Year 5 Textbook TB5A - Chapter  No.4   Word Problems
30/11/17 - 08/12/17 Year 5 Textbook TB5A - Chapter  No.5   Graphs
11/12/17 -  Year 5 Textbook TB5A - Chapter  No.6   Fractions

08.12.17 - Week 13 Update

Some interesting learning this week as we have developed a good understanding of how to read, interpret and construct information in line graphs.

05.12.17 - Week 12 Update

We've moved on this week to looking at how to read and complete tables (particularly timetables).

24.11.17 - Week 11 Update

New chapter of learning this week as we have begun exploring different strategies to understand and solve complex word problems - lots of brain work needed!

17.11.17 - Week 10 Update

Moving on this week to some amazing division learning. We have explored a variety of different division strategies. smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2

10.11.17 - Week 9 Update

Some tricky learning going on in Maths this week as we look at increasingly complex multiplication sums and lots of different methods to solve them. Tricky tasks but super dedication from the class to grasp the methods!

Picture 1

07.11.17 - Week 8 Update

Exciting first week back with some superb ongoing learning on multiplication and division. We have been exploring square and cube numbers and looking at different methods to do complicated multiplication sums!

22.10.17 - Week 7 Update

Finished off our first half term with learning about lots of new Maths vocabulary - multiples, factors, prime numbers and composite numbers! no

Picture 1

15.10.17 - Week 6 Update

New chapter of learning begun this week! We're now beginning multiplication and division, beginning with being able to find multiples and factors... Times table knowledge starting to get really important!! no

11.10.17 - Week 5 Update

Super week of Maths learning this week - lots of amazing addition and subtraction using the formal written (column) method!

Picture 1
Picture 2

02.10.17 - Week 4 Update

Moving on this week to our new chapter of addition and subtraction... We have done lots of practising adding on 1 000s, 10 000s and 100 000s mentally. no

23.09.17 - Week 3 Update

Productive third week of Maths No Problem learning! Lots of spotting and continuing number patterns and beginning to explore rounding our six-digit numbers to different amounts.

Picture 1

15.09.17 - Week 2 Update

This week we have continued looking at the value of digits in some very large (up to 1 000 000) numbers, particularly focusing on working out which number of several is greater and working out the difference between them. We've also stepped up our practice of our speed maths and times table skills!

09.01.17 - Week 1 Update

Made a great start to our Maths learning this week, using our problem-solving skills as police detectives as well as beginning to explore how to read and write some HUGE numbers!

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