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Love in a Box 2018

A reminder that St Luke's School is taking part in Love in a Box, again this year. Every year, we think about how as a school community, we can help underprivileged children throughout Eastern Europe by inviting children and families in our community to think of others by filling a shoe box with gifts for a boy or girl this Christmas. 

Any shoe boxes donated by families from our school will be collected on Friday 2nd November, but please feel free to send yours in before. We will store boxes in the hall ready for collection. 



- Please use an average sized shoe box
- Wrap the base and lid separately
- Once you have filled your box with gifts, secure with a rubber band
- Ensure that you send your box with £3 in an envelope on top to cover the cost of transportation
- Remember to mark clearly on your box, the age and gender the box is intended for

To find out more about Love in a Box, watch this Love in a Box Film or visit 


In previous years, we know that many of our children have put in enormous amount of time, effort and thought into putting these together and this is really, really appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support.