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The table below highlights the text types and texts that we are learning in Year 5. The table will be updated and added to throughout the year.


Parents and children can help at home by:

  • Practice these oral stories (found below) at home using actions and expression.
  • Practice skills required for their current writing target.


Date Text Type Text Title
w.c. 3rd September 2018 Portal Story Alien Landing
w.c. 24th September 2018 Flashback Story My Memories (The Piano)

Week 6

Fantastic independent writing this week as we have been inventing our own flashback stories, taking our reader through a journey in time!

Week 5

Some fantastic writing this week, focusing on sentence starters, writing our own flashback stories based on the film 'Up'. smiley

Picture 1

Week 4

This week we have begun exploring our new text, based on an animation of 'The Piano'. We have looked at its features and begun to think about how we might use the mood and layout of this text to write our own.


We've continued to develop our reading skills and are loving our class novel, Skellig!

Picture 1

Week 3

This week we have been busily planning and writing our own portal stories, producing some fantastic pieces of descriptive writing! frown

Week 2

This week we have been exploring further how to effectively describe settings within stories.

Picture 1

Week 1

We have begun our new writing unit this week, looking at how to write portal stories. We have focused, using 'Alien Landing' to help us, on how and why we write effective setting descriptions in our stories.

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