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As a Talk 4 Writing school, we place emphasis on children learning to orally retell different types of texts using story maps and actions. Throughout the year, children will learn approximately 9-12 model texts.


The table below highlights the text types and texts that we are learning in Year 5. The table will be updated and added to throughout the year.


Parents and children can help at home by:

  • Practice these oral stories (found below) at home using actions and expression.
  • Practice skills required for their current writing target.


Date Text Type Text Title
w.c. 4th September 2017 Portal Story Alien Landing
w.c. 2nd October 2017 Flashback Story My Memories (The Piano)
w.c. 30th October 2017 Finding Story The Forever Boy
w.c. 27th November 2017 Persuasive Writing Feed the Birds
w.c. 1st January 2018 Recount Writing (Diary)  
w.c. 22nd January 2018 Adventure Story Ring of Fire

02.02.18 - Week 20 Update

Exciting week this week as we have begun to consider and plan our very own adventure stories... including some of us very excited to have them entered into competition! Some super ideas coming up ready for a great writing week next week! Super exciting!! frown

31.01.18 - Week 19 Update

Fascinating week this week introducing our new 'adventure stories' unit. We have looked at different ways that authors have described settings and characters to build tension and a sense of adventure and had a go at writing our own!

Picture 1
Picture 2

19.01.18 - Week 18 Update

Diaries finished! The class have put themselves into the shoes of evacuees this week and written some fantastic diaries based around the experiences of evacuees. Onto adventure stories next week! frown

12.01.18 - Week 17 Update

Focused week this week looking at how to innovate our diary writing and begin to stretch our imaginations with our own diaries, checking we are writing in the correct tense, the correct person and all of the other features of our toolkit! mail

05.01.18 - Week 16 Update

Exciting first two days back after Christmas with some fantastic analysis of recount texts written in the form of diaries.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

21.12.17 - Week 15 Update

Persuasive writing finished - some fantastic pieces persuading us to save a particular animal or visit a fantastic place. Awesome! indecision

18.12.17 - Week 14 Update

Busy beginning to put all of our persuasive writing learning into practise this week and next as we write up our 'inventions'! no

08.12.17 - Week 13 Update

We have really begun to unpick the structure and language used in persuasive writing this week as we step up our preparations for writing our own persuasive pieces - picking out modal verbs, modal adverbs, rhetorical questions, catchy slogans, and much more!

05.10.17 - Week 12 Update

This week we have begun looking at persuasive writing and exploring how we might be able to persuade you of anything in our writing - look out parents! surprise

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Picture 2
Picture 3

24.11.17 - Week 11 Update

Lots of independent writing for the class this week as we wrote our final finding stories at the end of this unit. Some incredible stories produced and we think there is about 90 pages of reading for Mr McLean to do over the weekend! Next stop persuasive writing! mail

17.11.17 - Week 10 Update

Our innovations have been written, our targets have been worked upon, on with our invented finding stories next week!

Picture 1

10.11.17 - Week 9 Update

We have continued this week with our learning based on 'The Forever Boy', thinking in particular how we can use figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.) to help with powerful setting descriptions. Our innovations based on this have begun and will be ongoing through next week! smiley

Picture 1

07.11.17 - Week 8 Update

Started learning our new text this week - The Forever Boy - a dark and mysterious adventure of Piotr looking for the power to live forever! sad

Picture 1

22.10.17 - Week 7 Update

Busy writing week this week to finish off our 'flashback stories' before half term. With these and our 'finding story' cold tasks there is plenty of super reading for Mr McLean to do over half term! mail

15.10.17 - Week 6 Update

This week we have been exploring the structure of flashback stories as well as playing around with different ways to start and finish stories to make them exciting for our readers. frown

Picture 1

11.10.17 - Week 5 Update

Super explorations of flashback stories, including some excellent writing based on the characters and events in the film 'Up'. We've also taught each other the text of 'My Memories' to help us with the structure of our stories! no

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Picture 3

02.10.17 - Week 4 Update

Heavy writing this week for our Year 5s, resulting in some super weekend reading for Mr McLean - portal stories complete!

23.09.17 - Week 3 Update

We've been stepping up our portal story-writing exploits this week, with some very creative minds creating some wonderful stories including setting descriptions! Next week we will be moving on to our Invention stage.

Picture 1

15.09.17 - Week 2 Update

We have continued looking at the features of different portal stories in preparation for writing our own. We have been 'innovating' our own class and individual stories based on these! Some super creative minds across the class!

Picture 1
Picture 2

09.09.17 - Week 1 Update

We've made a super start to our portal stories, learning our 'Alien Landing' text really well in addition to beginning to explore how to structure portal stories and deliver an effective setting description.