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Avon Tyrrell Residential

Monday 14th February - Friday 18th February


Below is a copy of the presentation given to parents on 6th January.


Your child will have brought home a 'Medical and Consent Form' which I would be grateful if it could be returned to school as soon as possible but by Friday 4th February at the latest. Should any of the information change between returning this form and the departure date, please contact school.


This form, in addition to consent for the trip and medical information also includes dietary information: could you please ensure this covers all dietary, e.g. personal choice (such as vegan) as well as medical. There is also a consent for water activities. Please note that if you tick Box B (non-swimmer / nervous in water) then your child will NOT be allowed to take part in the two water activities. For each of these, all children will wear buoyancy aids and there will be at least two adults present.


A copy of this form is attached below.


You will also have received a Google Form document regarding transporting the children on Monday and Friday. If you are able to take / pick up your child OR if you have arranged for another parent to take them, please indicate this. If you have made arrangements for your child to be picked up by another adult on the Friday, could you please let school know. Do not worry if you cannot find transport for your child as there will be places on the school minibus which will leave school at 11.30 on Monday.


If you have any further questions between now and the trip, please contact myself or the office.