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Meet the Superheroes

Martha a.k.a Invisible Gummy Bear. Superpower: Throwing gummy bears.

Grace a.k.a Amazing Unicorn Girl. Superpower: Shooting rainbow glitter from her horn to turn her invisible.

Lottie a.k.a. Super Animal Whisperer. Superpower: Talking to animals.

Effie a.k.a Detective Gummy Bear. Superpower: Lasers in her eyes and fire and ice in her hands.

Alex a.k.a Silver Strawberry. Superpower: Freezing people with freezing, silver strawberries.

Jack a.k.a Super Jack. Superpower: Transforming into people and controlling minds.

Violet a.k.a Colour Queen. Superpower: Turning anything into a different colour.

Nora a.k.a Fantastic Blueberry.  Superpower: Shooting blueberries to turn her invisible. 

Henry a.k.a Mega Chocolate. Superpower: Many including flying and launching balls of fire.

Will a.k.a Thunder Gummy Bear. Superpower: A speedy bow and arrow.