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The school celebrates being awarded the Gold Mark Sports Award for our strong commitment to, engagement and delivery of competitive sport in 2017-18!

Please see the document links below for full details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.
Picture 1 Sports Premium Report February 2017
Picture 2 Sports Premium Report February 2016
Picture 3 Sports Premium Report March 2015
Picture 4 Sports Premium Report February 2014

A key school improvement priority is to further improve competitive sport.  Making use of additional sports funding, we will continue to focus on competitive sport, organising tournaments with local schools and entering local competitions. Miss Bellows from Superstar Sports will be working with us from September and we will be part of the Priestlands Sports Partnership. Below is a planned timetable of events for 2018-19.

Sporting events help our children to develop their skills, enthusiasm and team spirit.  We publish a Sports Review four times every academic year.  Please click on the link below for our latest edition.

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Picture 2
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