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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mr McLean is the class teacher and Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Dashley-Payne are the teaching assistants. Visit our learning pages to find out more information about our ongoing learning and keep checking this page for the latest updates!

23.09.17 - Week 3 Update

Good week continuing our learning this week, lots of superb Mayan research happening as well as ongoing space exploration! We've also considered how to stay safe online and are building up our gymnastic move repertoire! More to come on all of this next week!smiley

19.09.17 - Mask Making Day

Very (very! sad) messy art day in Class 5 today as they produced their Mayan-inspired masks! no

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

15.09.17 - Week 2 Update

Super second week in class 5 as things definitely getting into routine. Some superb space learning taking place, a real exploration of the Mayan civilisation, not to mention a superb trip to Winchester Science Centre! frown

14.09.17 - Winchester Science Centre Visit

Wow - what a super science day! We've explored the effects of space on the body, operated space machinery, taken a trip in and around space and found out a huge amount about all aspects of science! Year 5 have done the school (and the world of science!) proud!


'We all had so much fun learning stuff about space. I loved the planetarium, it was huge and the film was great. The activities were epic too.'

'On Thursday we went to the science museum. We loved controlling the robots and doing space tests. We explored and there was loads of activities and they were very fun too.'

'I loved the mind ball where you strapped a band to your forehead and focused on the ball. I discovered how flexible I am and tested my strength.'

Picture 1 Science heroes at work.
Picture 2 What happens to a human body in space?
Picture 3 What happens to a human body in space?
Picture 4 Science girls in the flow.
Picture 5 The effects of space...
Picture 6 What will happen next?
Picture 7 Here come the robots!
Picture 8 Weird room...
Picture 9 Which part of your body is hottest?!
Picture 10 Pretending to be the human body...
Picture 11 Who has got the most powerful mind?!
Picture 12 Into the colon...
Picture 13 Exploring air pressure.
Picture 14 Weird room...
Picture 15 Hey gang!
Picture 16 Into the planetarium and into space...
Picture 17 X-Rays
Picture 18 Pull harder!
Picture 19 Muscle power to make a vortex!
Picture 20 Air pressure.
Picture 21 New game!
Picture 22 Measure your speed!
Picture 23 Go Class 5!

09.09.17 - Week 1 Update

09.09.17 - Week 1 Update 1
09.09.17 - Week 1 Update 2
We've had a fantastic first week in Class 5! All the class have settled in really well and thrown themselves into the year! It's been a busy first week, with our Mayan and Space topics getting under way, as well as meeting new faces, electing school councillors, electing team captains, applying for class and school responsibilities and entering into Harvest service rehearsals! Looking forward to week 2!