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British Values at St Luke's

St Luke's Promotion of British Values

All schools are expected to promote fundamental British Values as part of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development in schools. (Department of Education November 2014) We agree with the Department of Education's five part definition of British Values -Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance of those of difference faiths and beliefs. Our statement below should be read in conjunction with the Prevent Duty Guidance and our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Policy.

British Values in action at St Luke's!

Learning about Democracy


Our School Councillors and House Captains elected by school members
In school, we always place an emphasis on children contributing to our school community by volunteering to take on roles of responsibility. Following the democratic process of elections, we congratulate the following children as they have taken on the challenge of being a 'House Captain' or 'School Councillor' for this academic year.


Our House Captains 2021-22





Vice Captains



Solomon Simpkins


Georgina Allison



Pippa Purdy


Will Griffiths



Leo El Hakim


Imogen Setchell


Verity Paul


Josh Atkinson


Our School Councillors 2021-22






Year 1


Jasper Kirk

Martha Bown

Year 2


Daniel WhartonLottie Shane

Year 3


Noah MeadFlorence El Hakim

Year 4


Oscar HudsonViolet Anderson

Year 5


Charlie McCubbinIsla Wharton

Year 6


William AllisonIzzy Atkinson


In July 2018, the School Council planned and led a whole school Collective Worship encouraging us all to take responsibility for global issues, inspiring us to take action to help others. They told us all about the Christian Aid Global Neighbours Scheme. Their powerpoint is below.
To find out more about Global Neighbours at St Luke's, visit our Global Neighbours page below:

Ex pupils Oliver Smith and Matt Witt return to St Luke's! - September 2018

It was fantastic to welcome ex pupils Oliver Smith and Matt Witt back to St Luke's. Now pupils at Priestlands School, in Collective Worship, they shared how they are aiming to help others in Kenya in Summer 2019. The presentation that they shared with us is below.

Fish in school. Names chosen following democratic voting process!

Following a democratic voting process held by our School Councillors, our new fish were named. Popcorn, Darth Wader, Gary Ting and Bubble O 7 were the winning names.


Giving views on local issues - working with the Parish Council

In Autumn 2015, Sway Parish Council asked villagers for their views about how the Council can enhance public open space, sport and recreational facilities in Sway. The Council had 60k to spend from S106 developers money. Parish Councillors met with our School Council for their ideas.


For the latest information on our School Council, please visit

Finding out about the Magna Carta and the first Parliament in Collective Worship

In Collective Worship this year, we have been finding out British values, in particular democracy, how the Magna Carta, agreed in 1215 by King John and the Barons has influenced governments and democracy today.

A visit to the Houses of Parliament

In June 2016, our Year 6 had a fantastic trip to London to better understand our democracy and how decisions are taken.  We went on a walking tour to see 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.  We then had the privilege of touring the Palace of Westminster, seeing for ourselves the Commons' benches and the House of Lords.  We finished with a workshop called the 'People's Parliament', reminding the children of how their right to vote and have their say has been hard won over the years and should not be taken for granted. 

Learning about the Rule of Law

Our School Golden Rules
At St Luke's, we adopt a positive approach to managing behaviour. Our Golden Rules are displayed in every classroom and around the school. Everyone is expected to follow them and understand that they are there to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. To find out more about behaviour at St Luke's, visit


Exercising individual liberty and making the right choices

Learning about contributing to school life through teamwork and working hard.

This year, children have been thinking about the need to work successfully both independently and collaboratively. Like Team Bee, our children recognise that we need to think positively and have a can do attitude. Everyone is encouraged to proudly volunteer and represent our school in team events.

Anti Bullying and Cyberbullying workshops
We regularly hold Gripping Yarns drama workshops which address bullying and cyber-bullying issues. Children are taught how to behave safely both offline and online. Our Year 6 led an assembly about what children can to if they are worried about bullying.

Our Acceptable use of ICT policy
This was reviewed in Spring 2016. We have updated our pupil charter which outlines how to act safely when using the Internet.

Learning about mutual respect

Love in a Box
Every year, children and families in the school take part in 'Love in a Box.' At Christmas time, Mustard Seed Relief Missions, an Eastbourne based Christian charity, operates a 'Love in a Box' appeal, when everyone is invited to pack shoeboxes with Christmas gifts for children. These are then loaded and transported by Mustard Seed to areas of need in Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Ukraine and Iraq. As a school. we support this appeal, encouraging children to think about how they can contribute to our global community.

Working with Lymington Rotary Club to raise money for a Shelter Box

In November 2015, Geoff Stokes, Martin Wilson, Roger Ling and Nikki Stone from Lymington Rotary came into school to present a certificate to St Luke's School for our fundraising efforts following the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Money raised when toward the purchase of a Shelter Box.




The school Kindness Cup

Children and staff are encouraged to vote for a child when they see an act of kindness, such as helping someone with their work or looking after them at playtime.  During celebration worship, names are picked out of the ballot box and they are awarded the Kindness Cup. 


Learning about different faiths and traditions

Through R.E, children learn about Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism considering and reflecting on key concepts. For example, Y1/2 built their own Sukkah when learning about Sukkot within Judaism. Year 4 enjoyed learning to play African drums in music this year, experiencing music within a different culture. The school has strong links with the parish of Kibirizi in Rwanda and children are continually learning about the Kibirizi community.  We have over the past few years fundraised to support the building of a new school and the training of two teachers. In addition to this, children also learn about key traditions and festivals linked with different cultures. e.g. Chinese New Year.