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Welcome to Reception!


Mrs Blogg is the class teacher and Mrs Lee is the teaching assistant. On this page you will find information about Reception class news.

A message from Mrs Goplen for Year R children starting in September

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Early Years

To find out more about Early Years at St Luke's. visit our Early Years page.

Termly Newsletters & Information

Arrival and Collection Times

Children should use the one-way system to enter and exit school in September, entering and leaving via their external classroom door.

Children in Year R, 2 and 4 are expected to arrive between 8.45am-8.55am and be collected between 3.15pm and 3.25pm 

Children in Year 1,3, 5 and 6 are expected to arrive between 8.50am-9.00am and be collected between 3.20pm and 3.30pm. 

Where siblings are in classes with different arrival and collection times, they should arrive at 8.50am and be collected at 3.20pm.


Breakfast Club & After School Club -  Children in Year R, 1 to 6 should arrive as normal and be taken to Breakfast Club room. They will be taken to their Classroom ready for lessons. Breakfast Club will be open from 7.45am. After School Club will be open until 5.45pm. 

P.E. - Children in Class R will need to come to school wearing their school uniform every day but remember to ensure that their P.E. kit is in school on Tuesday and Friday, ready to change in to for P.E. lessons.


Link to School Uniform and P.E.Kit Expectations Page

Summer Term Learning

During the second half of the Summer term we will be learning about woodland animals and space.  Our newsletter and curriculum map outline the activities your child will take part in, linked to the 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


In Reception, we place an emphasis on children learning to orally retell different types of texts using actions. We ask all parents to support children with learning these texts at home orally, so that children can use them to create their own versions.


The table below highlights the text types and texts that we are learning in Reception. The table will be updated and added to throughout the year. Please download the texts and practise retelling them at home with your child using actions and expression.


DateText TypeText Title
Autumn 2021Cumulative TaleThe Little Red Hen      
Autumn 2021Cumulative TaleThe Gingerbread Man
Spring 2022Non-fictionDinosaur Egg Hunt
Spring 2022Cumulative TaleThe Three Little Pigs
Summer 2022InstructionsHow to Make a Crazy Cake!
Summer 2022Journey TaleThe Way Back Home


In Literacy, we will be learning The Way Back Home tale. When we can retell the text, we will innovate it to make it our own (e.g. changing the details, characters or the story setting). We will start to learn to write simple words and sentences using our phonic knowledge and practise our letter formation and spelling of our tricky words learnt so far.



In the first part of the Summer term, we will be continuing to learn our Phase 4 phonics including long vowel sounds and words ending in  -s /s/,  -s /z/,  -es,  longer words and root words ending in -ing,  -ed /t/,  -ed /id/, /ed/,  -ed /d/  using the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme. We will also be reviewing all of the tricky words taught so far as well as learning additional tricky words (words which cannot be sounded out). To find out more about how we teach phonics, visit our phonics page.


In Maths, children will be exploring how to:


  • Automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) of number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts

  • Verbally count beyond 20, recognising the pattern of the counting system

  • Select, rotate and manipulate shapes to develop spatial reasoning skills.

  • Compare length, weight and capacity.

  • Tell the time on the hour

Great Britain

We will be learning about Great Britain and where we can find it in the world. We will also locate the village of Sway on a map. 

Our Classroom Environment

Through our engaging and stimulating classroom environment, children have lots of opportunities to play, explore, learn actively, create and think critically. 

Arts Week in Reception Class!