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Our Behaviour Policy can be found on our Policies page. Click on the link below to access this.


Our Golden Rules

We flourish and grow in an atmosphere of praise and encouragement. In order to achieve this, certain standards must be fully understood and maintained. We actively seek to apply the standards consistently and uphold them at all times. The standards are our Golden Rules.


Be gentle

Be kind and helpful

Work hard

Look after property

Listen to people

Be honest

      Walk quietly and sensibly around

      the school

Don’t hurt anybody

Don’t hurt people’s feelings

Don’t waste your or other people’s time

Don’t waste or damage property

Don’t interrupt

Don’t cover up the truth.



Benefits of outstanding behaviour

There are many ways that we encourage our children to model outstanding behaviour and our core value, love.


Toy Shed Leaders

Our Year 5 children supervise the toy shed at playtimes and lunchtimes.  Younger children are able to go to the shed and collect a suitable toy, which they then have to safely return. 


Playzone Leaders

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils also act as play leaders for younger children.  We have a number of different zones set up where the children can be creative, play traditional games, practise different sports or dress up.









Golden Stars

Children love collecting our golden stars for outstanding effort and achievement in pieces of work.  Our bronze, silver and gold star badges (for 10, 20 or 30 stars) are proudly worn around the school.


Celebrating Home Learning

Gold sticker stars and stamps for reading

Every time a pupil reads at home with an adult, we celebrate that in school with a gold star sticker or stamp.  When a set number of stickers/ stamps have been collected, children earn a special certificate and reward.


Letters home

The school monitors home learning and time spent working on IXL.  Letters from the Headteacher are sent home, to celebrate effort and achievement.


House Points

Children earn house points for following the Golden Rules.  The winning team with most house points is announced each week in Collective Worship.