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St Luke's Curriculum

St Luke's Curriculum

Our curriculum is intended to 'Lay the Foundations for Life', a practical tool to help children learn across a wide range of subjects and disciplines, including the development of core life skills, such as communication, social skills, physical development, resilience and independence.

Our Core Values

Our core values of Love, Hope and Thankfulness are key in all that we do. As a Church School, we aim to 'Lay the Foundations for Life' within a Christian context.

International Mindedness

At St Luke's, we believe that we are part of a learning community of schools across the world and consequently, we teach a broad and balanced curriculum, which aims to promote 'international mindedness' in children. Alongside promoting the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance, our unique curriculum has a strong element of internationalism built into learning. By promoting 'international mindedness', we believe that we are central to a global learning community.

In order to promote 'international mindedness', each class chooses an adopted country. Wherever possible, children learn about this country and use it as part of a comparative study. This year, the following countries have been adopted.

Year group Adopted Country
Reception Great Britain
Year 1 France
Year 2 Rwanda
Year 3 Italy
Year 4 Indonesia
Year 5 Brazil
Year 6 Australia


A broad and balanced curriculum

We are keen to promote both excellence and enjoyment throughout our curriculum.  In Literacy, we focus on teaching core reading and writing skills. In Maths, we adopt a mastery approach and use a scheme of work based on the Singapore model called Maths No Problem!  It follows a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to really embed concepts and deepen understanding.

We follow a thematic approach for Foundation subjects, usually based on a History or Geography topic.  We make cross-curricular links across subjects where possible and enable children to follow their own lines of enquiry. 

Our Learning Heroes

We use a number of animals, collectively called 'Our Learning Heroes', to help the children understand and value these core life skills.  In our curriculum, we believe it is important not only to further knowledge but also to develop the skills to become life-long learners. To find out more about our Learning Heroes, visit


Every year, we run a workshop for parents explaining our curriculum in more detail.
Below is an example of a power point used by Year One, sharing their learning all about Rwanda. Some great learning about the different continents and children really enjoyed learning their African song - Toom-Bah, Ee-Lero.