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Friends of St. Luke's School Sway (FOSLSS)

Our PTA works enthusiastically and tirelessly to raise funds for our school and to enhance our children's activities and experiences during their time at the school.  The Committee and parents meet regularly to discuss ideas for events to raise money for school improvement priorities. The ONLY way these wonderful events can happen is because of YOU. A huge 'thank you' to everyone who has helped us so far.

Meet our FOSLSS Core Committee Team

Our Core Committee is responsible for leading and overseeing FOSLSS. All parents and staff are automatically members of FOSLSS. 


So we can continue and indeed grow, the facilities and activities for our children, we are always keen to welcome new faces to help organise the above events and more. We meet around 6 times a year to discuss and arrange events. These are social meetings, usually held in the evenings in the Hare and Hounds or the Silver Hind. Alternatively, we meet at the school during the day. Ad hoc meetings also happen to suit you. Future meetings are listed below.  All parents are warmly invited to attend; we look forward to seeing you.

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday 1st November at 8pm in the Silver Hind


If you can't attend the meetings but are interested in getting more involved or are able to spare a couple of hours to help with events listed below, the FOSLSS team would love to hear from you. Email us at  Alternatively, come along and support our events throughout the year.

Future Events

FOSLSS Second Hand Uniform Sale - Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th October

FOSLSS will be running a second hand uniform sale on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th October. Please bring in any donations for this to the school office. Thank you. 


FOSLSS Fizz and Fashion Evening - Friday 11th November 2022

Huge thanks to FOSLSS who are busy getting ready to organise a Fizz and Fashion Evening on Friday 11th November. Please save the date as more details will follow. If you are having a wardrobe de-clutter, please bring in any donations of good quality clothes, shoes, jewellery or bags to the school office by Friday 4th November. 


FOSLSS Christmas Fair -  Wednesday 14th December 2022

Save the date! Once again, FOSLSS will be running our very popular Christmas Fair on Wednesday 14th December. We will need lots of volunteers on the day.  

Co-op Rewards for you and children in our school! 

Did you know that this year, Co-op Local Community Fund is supporting Friends of St Luke’s School, Sway as we try to raise funds for new outdoor play equipment for children. 


You can help by becoming a Co-op Member; it costs £1 to join and then for every £1 you spend, 2p goes into your membership account and at the same time, the local cause of your choice, also receives the same amount. 


By joining and becoming a Co-op member, selecting our school / FOSLSS as your local cause, every time you shop in the Co-op, you’ll be helping children in our school.


If you’re already a Co-op member, select FOSLSS as your local cause by clicking the link below.


To set up Co-op membership visit


Thanks so much Co-op and to all those who have joined the scheme for supporting our children. 

We have organised fantastic community events for parents, families and children and raised funds at the same time....

As a result, FOSLSS have been able to fund the following....

Here is a list of some of the amazing things that have been fundraised for by FOSLSS in previous years:

  • 2017-18 £781 has been spent on new books for each class

  • 2016-17 £6400 went towards 16 new IPADs

  • 2015 - 2016 £2000 went towards our new Roundhouse

  • 2014 - 2015, £2,000 was dontated to support the Landscape Project (in particular the development of playground zones)

  • 2013 - 2014, £6,000 went towards a school minibus

  • 2011 - 2012, FOSLSS donated money to go towards the new library and music room

  • 2010 - FOSLSS helped with the cost of new stage lighting

  • 2009 - Our spiritual/quiet garden with mosaics was the focus

  • 2008 - We were able to purchase new musical instruments and new picnic tables

  • 2007 - new PE equipment in the hall was purchased

Our current fundraising total is £14,956!

Thank you every one who supports us with words of encouragement and helps at events. Together, we are able to provide many extra wonderful opportunities for our children in school.

What are we fundraising for in future? £10,000 towards a new minibus!


As we emerge from the pandemic, FOSLSS are currently planning to pay for extras for children, for example, additional workshops, visiting authors, pantomimes, plays for children to enjoy! We are now also looking to replace our existing minibus, as it is coming to its end of life! We  will need approximately £15,000 for another minibus and FOSLSS are contributing £10,000 towards this. As a result of having a minibus, children in school are able to attend sporting events and other extra curricular activities.