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St. Luke's Primary School Writing Progression Map

St. Luke's Text Type Overview

Writing is a powerful means of communication; this vital skill is necessary to allow pupils to function, engage and contribute within our society. Our aims in teaching writing are to equip pupils with a strong command of spoken and written language, and to develop a love of literature. At St. Luke’s, we have designed our writing curriculum to ensure that there is a good coverage of text types, which are progressive across year groups.


We teach writing alongside ‘example/model texts’ whereby children learn about the text type and purpose as well as understand the audience in which they are writing for. Writing for real purposes and audiences brings writing to life! Through our example texts, children learn about the key features of the text type and how the text is structured. Together, we create 'writing toolkits' which support the children in understanding and recording the key features of a particular text as well as supporting children to edit their writing and assess its effectiveness. We understand that children write best when they have an in depth knowledge of what they are writing about; for this reason, it is important to us that children have the freedom and choice to write from their own interests, ideas and knowledge base. Importantly, our pupils have opportunities to apply and showcase their writing skills across other areas of the curriculum.