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St Luke's Vision for Maths

We want all children to be able to:

  • believe that they can achieve well at mathematics and welcome the challenge to do so
  • develop a fascination and love of numbers and spacial awareness
  • become fluent and confident mathematicians
  • explain their mathematical thinking clearly
  • solve problems by reasoning
  • apply their mathematical skills in a wide range of situations
  • transfer to the next stage of their education having achieved age related goals so that they can be successful in their future lives


The Maths Mastery Approach

At St Luke's, we use a Maths Mastery Approach and Maths No Problem. Children are encouraged to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills through a concrete pictorial approach. In lessons, children use Maths No Problem textbooks and workbooks. They also use concrete resources to ensure a depth of understanding.  We make use of the NRICH Mathematics website resources for develop problem solving. Visit


Maths No Problem and NRich Problems


Maths Curriculum Overview

Download this document to find details of what your child is learning in Maths during each year of their time at St Luke's. Please also visit class blogs to keep up to date with all that your child is learning in Maths.

Supporting your child at home with Maths

Helping your child at home is always important. Please visit to find out what your child is currently learning in Maths. Please also refer to the documents below to help you understand how we teach aspects of Maths so that you can support your child using the same methods they learn at school.

In school, we use a range of web based software, IXL, MyMaths and Education City, which once you have received a username and password, you can access at home to help your child improve their Maths skills.