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'An outstanding school which gives pupils a very high quality, all-rounded education' - OFSTED

Our School Ethos

All those who visit and work in the school are expected to act in keeping with the aims and the ethos of our school.  At St Luke's Primary School, we aim to ensure that all children are happy and confident; achieving their full potential through focused, high quality teaching and expectations.  The vision statement for the school is 'Laying the Foundations for Life.'  As a Church school, we aim to lay the foundations for life within a Christian context.  We aim for our school to be a place where children have every opportunity to fully realise their talents, increase their skills and knowledge and so make a positive difference to the lives and lives of others.

The mosaics in our quiet garden, were designed and created by children based on our Christian values and ethos.


'Pupil's spiritual, moral social and cultural development are outstanding'

'Pupils develop into confident young people and say that they really enjoy school'

- Ofsted

Our School Aims

  • To value and appreciate one another, irrespective of age, gender, creed or race, and to acknowledge that everyone has a part to play within our school community.
  • To try our best at everything we do.
  • To develop the ability to work independently, co-operatively and with self-discipline.
  • To listen with respect to one another and be conscious never to damage another's self-esteem.
  • To foster a caring attitude for the school environment, including the building inside and outside areas, equipment and personal effects.
  • To prepare pupils for the responsibilities, opportunities and experiences of adult life.


'Build today then strong and sure, with a firm and ample base,

and ascending and secure, shall tomorrow find it's place'

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow