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Our Learning Heroes

Our Learning Heroes

We believe that if children are to succeed in their learning and in life, they need to adopt key learning behaviours and traits. Therefore we constantly refer to our Learning Heroes who remind us about the different characteristics we need to adopt to be a great learning.


Through the story of the Bear and Elli the Elephant, we introduce our Learning Heroes. We aim to teach children about key learning characteristics through the imagery of the animals in the story.  

In every classroom, there is an owl, tortoise, bee, chameleon, unicorn, cat and spider. They remind children to think about key learning characteristics - different ways to solve a problem like Wise Owl, the importance of being resilient like the Tortoise, the need to work hard, independently and collaboratively, like Team Bee, the need to be adaptable like the chameleon and to make connections and links like the spider, the need to be creative like the unicorn and the need to be curious like the cat.