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We want our Geography lessons to inspire in our pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.   We aim to equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. As pupils progress, their growing knowledge about the world should help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and of the formation and use of landscapes and environments. 


We place great emphasis on the importance of local area field studies.  We live in such an unique and beautiful part of England, that we have many opportunities to undertake fieldwork to deepen our pupils understanding of human  and physical geographical features.  We use a range of resources (e.g. Barnaby Bear units of work, digimaps and google earth) to provide a range of maps, aerial photographs, atlases and globes.


Please refer to our curriculum maps for more information regarding specific units and skills taught in each year group. 


Picture 1 modelling continents
Picture 2 Houses of Parliament trip summer 2016
Picture 3 Houses of Parliament trip summer 2016
Picture 4 Labelling continents
Picture 1 African drumming and story telling
Picture 2 Y4 at the New Forest countryside open day