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School Improvement

'The school development plan fully outlines the main developments for the future' - OFSTED

School Improvement Priorities 2019 - 2020

Every school has a School Improvement Plan.  Our plan reflects priorities highlighted by parents, staff, governors and children.

Priority 1:

To continue to maintain good standards in Maths and Writing throughout the school

This year, whilst our children performed well in end of year tests, we are aiming to further improve rates of progress in Writing.   We will be introducing new spelling homework books which use a look, say, cover, write and check method with weekly spelling tests.  We will use handwriting books with nads. As a Maths No Problem school, we will be continuing  to use the Singapore Maths approach and using Maths No Problem, a text book based Maths scheme. We will also be using Hit the Button and Times Tables Rockstars to develop children's number skills and times tables.

Priority 2:

To further improve Reading.

We will be encouraging children to read a wide range of books and introducing them to new vocabulary - Tier 2 words. Building on the work of Isabel Beck - 'Bringing Words to Life', we will be teaching children vocabulary, so that they encounter and develop their knowledge of a number of unfamiliar words.We want children to develop a love of reading, authors, vocabulary and stories.

Priority 3

Review the curriculum to ensure that it is progressive, well sequenced, fun, engaging and purposeful.

In order to continue to maintain high standards, we will continue to aim to ensure consistency in teaching practice throughout the school. Making use of additional sports funding, we will continue to focus on developing competitive sport, organising tournaments with local schools and entering local competitions.  In Sep 2019,  Miss Bellows will continue to train and take teams to competitions. We will review children's mental health and wellbeing in relation to computer use and ensure that our PSHE curriculum is in line with new guidance produced by the government. We will continue to make use of Secrets of Success and our Learning Heroes to promote key learning behaviours along with our use of HeartSmart.


Priority 4:

To further develop a strong 'international ethos' and an understanding of how we all can contribute to our school, village and global community

We will continue to engage in social action and to be courageous advocates for change locally, nationally and globally.  As a Gold Global Neighbour school, key to our curriculum is the promotion of 'international mindedness'.  See our curriculum page for further details. We want to encourage children to think and understand how they can contribute to an increasingly global world.

Priority 5:

To continue to maintain high standards of behaviour at all times

Visitors to the school often comment on the good behaviour of our children. This is because we focus on this at all times. We will continue to focus on maintaining high standards of behaviour throughout the school next year.  Please see the 'Behaviour Policy' via the link below to 'Policies'.

Priority 6:

To further improve the distinctive Christian character of the school

As a Church of England Primary School, we provide education within a Christian context. Our core values of 'Thankfulness, Love and Hope' are central to our vision for the school.

Priority 7:

To further improve levels of punctuality and attendance

This year, we continue to focus on improving attendance throughout the school.  We are aiming for all children to strive towards 100% attendance.  An attendance cup is awarded again every month to the class with the best attendance.  The best class will also be highligted in the Headteacher newsletter to parents.

Priority 8:

Encourage our children to stay safe and healthy; continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the taught curriculum and extra curricular activities

In all that we do, we will promote the importance of healthy eating and staying safe.