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At St. Luke’s, we believe that History teaching should ignite pupils’ engagement and curiosity about the past. Teaching should equip children to ask perceptive questions, think critically and weigh evidence. Pupils should be encouraged to think critically about information and ask questions about information presented. They should be able to relate historical periods and moments to connected present day scenarios (e.g. conflict, inequality, individual/collective action, power) and appreciate the significance of historical moments for life in the present day. These are all crucial skills for children to develop as they ‘lay the foundations for life’.


Please refer to our curriculum maps (on class blog pages) for the specific units of work for each year group.

Picture 1 Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day
Picture 2 Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Study
Picture 3 Year 5 WWII Home Front Day
Picture 4 Year 1 Victorians at the Seaside Study
Picture 5 Year 5 WWII in the Local Area Study