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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Miss Bartlett is the class teacher and Ms Somaraki is the teaching assistant for our class. On this page, you will find information about Year 5, news, photographs of things we have done in class and more. 


Arrival and Collection Times


All children should enter and leave school via their external classroom door. 

All children should arrive between 8.45am – 8.55am.  

All children should be collected at 3.20pm. 


Breakfast Club & After School Club -  Children in should arrive as normal and be taken to Breakfast Club room. They will be taken to their Classroom ready for lessons. Breakfast Club will be open from 7.45am. After School Club will be open until 5.45pm. 


P.E.- Children in Class 5 will need to come to school wearing their school uniform every day but remember to bring their P.E. kit into school on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Link to School Uniform and P.E.Kit Expectations Page

Every week, your child will be taught a new spelling rule to practise during the week, ready for a spelling test on Friday. Please spend time at home practising these spellings using ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ in the Spelling Homework Booklets, as well as discussing the spelling rule. Please ensure spelling Homework Books are kept in school bags.


In Year 5, children continue to learn to write different types of texts and we use model texts to highlight the key features of these texts before children create their own versions. The table below highlights the text types and texts that we are learning in Year 5.


DateText TypeModel Text Title
01/09/23Narrative - Portal Story (3rd person)

Elf Road

25/09/23Non-Chronological ReportAncient Egyptian Pyramids
30/10/23Persuasive WritingFeeding The Birds


Narrative - Wishing Story (3rd person)The Dream Giver
04/01/24Discussion WritingShould Trading Cards Be Banned?
22/01/24Diary EntryMr. Tom's Diary (Goodnight Mr Tom)
19/02/24Narrative - Setting and CharacterRange of descriptions 
11/03/24Book Review Review of 'Skellig'
15/04/24Explanation WritingHow do bees make honey?
06/05/24Adventure NarrativeFinding Fruit (The Explorer)
03/06/24Narrative - Based on MacbethRomeo and Juliet




As a school, we place emphasis on teaching Maths using a Maths Mastery approach. We place emphasis on children learning to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We use Maths No Problem Maths Textbooks and Workbooks in school. To find out more, visit to watch parent videos all about how we teach Maths at St Luke's. The table below highlights the textbook and chapters that we are learning in Year 5. If you wish to purchase a copy of the Maths No Problem Textbook A and B and Workbook A and B for your year group for use at home and also find out more about how Maths is taught in school, these are available to order at


We ask all parents to support children with learning their number bonds and times tables at home; this is key to children being successful as Mathematicians.  


Please remember to log in to Hit the Button 




Times Tables Rockstars 


DateFocus Textbook Chapter and Title
04/09/23Year 5 Textbook 5A - Chapter 1 - Numbers to 1,000,000
24/09/23Year 5 Textbook 5A - Chapter 2 - Whole Numbers: Addition and Subtraction
16/09/23Year 5 Textbook 5A - Chapter 3 - Multiplication and Division
27/10/23Year 5 Textbook 5A - Chapter 4 - Whole Numbers: Word Problems
04/12/23Year 5 Textbook 5A - Chapter 5 - Graphs
08/01/24Year 5 Textbook 5A - Chapter 6 - Fractions
26/02/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 7 - Decimals
15/03/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 8 - Percentage
22/04/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 9 - Geometry
13/05/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 10 - Position and Movement
03/06/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 11 - Measurements
17/06/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 12 - Area and Perimeter
24/06/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 13 - Volume
01/07/24Year 5 Textbook 5B - Chapter 14 - Roman Numerals




Class Country: Brazil

We will be learning all about Brazil. We will investigate where it is in the world and find out facts about what it is like to live in Brazil.  

Science: Oreo Moon Phases

Science: Winchester Science Centre

PE: Gymnastics

History: WWII Workshop