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Recycling Crisp Packets


You can help recycling those normally unrecyclable crisp packets and earn money for the school at the same time! If you bring your empty crisp packets (and multipack outer packaging) in to school, we will send them on to be extruded into plastic pellets.



Our KS1 Eco-Warriors ensure that in our school energy is not being wasted unnecessarily. Each day, different children in KS1 make sure that lights and whiteboards are not being left on when classrooms are empty. They have also been checking that each class has a recycling bin and that it is being used correctly. Finally, they are making sure that if the heating is on, windows are not being left open.

Our school eco team have been busy as part of the New Forest Schools Energy Project.  They have discovered where our energy comes from and the importance of reducing how much we use.


They have monitored the temperature in classrooms and reminding us all to switch off lights that are not needed.  They discovered that making sure we close windows and doors at playtimes and turning off lights at the end of the day can save the school £335! 




Our School eco team in action